Thailand is a beautiful place to go for a well deserved holiday. There is so much culture and the sandy beaches promise you ultimate relaxation. There are, however, some things you need to know to make your trip more enjoyable and they include the following.


The main currency used in Thailand is the Thai Bhat.

 Visa requirements.

 People from the UK, the EU, and the US are given 30 days stay without a visa if you enter by air or 15 days if you enter overland. If you want to stay longer you can renew your visa. Any Thai embassy should be able to renew your visa for you.

 Thailand is generally safe but you should consider taking travel insurance in case anything happens like illnesses requiring evacuation or accidents.  


English is spoken widely due to the interaction of the locals with tourists. You may, however, want to consider learning a few Thai words that can help you out if you meet a non-English speaking local.

 Celebrations and festivals.

There are a number of celebrations and festivals in the country that you may want to be part of for instance the festival of monkeys in November is a great tourist attraction where you get to eat a meal with monkeys.


The country has a well-developed transport system and you should make sure that your travel apps including maps are up to date so that you can schedule your movements easily as well as find your way around.


Thailand is generally warm although the northern part can be a bit cool. Check the weather updates before you travel.


If you want to just relax, you can decide to enjoy the sandy beaches and the clear blue ocean. If you want to explore, there so much you can do including exploring the city which has temples and shopping areas that will give you a lot of interesting things to do during the day. You can also take cooking classes and learn how to prepare the local cuisine.

Thailand is great for backpackers because there are so many unexplored areas to go to. You can climb the mountains or visit remote villages. There is also a wide range of water-based activities like kayaking, white water rafting amongst others. The country also has a diverse range of marine life and you can snorkel or go scuba diving.

 The national parks offer camping facilities for those who want to experience sleeping under the stars. You can also visit the many islands around the country and even spend the night in some of the uninhabited islands.

There is so much to do in Thailand and boredom will never be an issue. For accommodation, there is a wide range that takes into consideration different needs. You can live in a fancy hotel or rent a bungalow or villa if that is your preference.  Do not be afraid to try out the local cuisine, actually, some of the best food is found in the food carts that line the streets.