Thailand is a stunning country, the sandy beaches, the blue oceans, stunning views, the nightlife make Thailand a must-visit country for most tourists. We will explore some of the things you can do when you visit Thailand, although do not be surprised if you spend the whole day snoozing away on the sandy beaches.

Visit the elephants.

Thailand is known for its elephants; get to experience these majestic creatures up-close in some of the elephant parks in the country. One of the best areas to visit is the Chiang Mai which rescues elephants and takes care of them for the rest of their lives. You will not be able to take a ride on their backs but you can walk side by side with them, pet them, feed them, and wash them among other fun things. The park also has a plant that recycles elephant poop and turns it into paper.


Enjoy the underwater delights and get a chance to swim among the fish.  Snorkeling is quite cheap in Thailand and places like Koh Tao allow you to enjoy this delightful past time.

 The Thailand temple crawl.

There are so many temples you can visit in Thailand and they all have such fascinating architecture and delightful history. One of the best temples is in Chiang Mai. Doi Suthep Temple is an architectural wonder.  You will get to interact with the monks as well as marvel at their splendor of the 12 meters high Buddha that sits at the top of the flight of stairs. It does get crowded though, so you need to go early.

Go kayaking.

There are some companies which will give you a chance to experience kayaking where you’ll get a chance to see the caves and other interesting features like the lagoon on the Andaman Sea. You can also camp overnight on one of the uninhabited islands if you like the outdoors.

 Climb the mountains.

 One of the best climbing spots is in Railay.   It has so many routes that take care of beginners to professional-level climbers pointless. There are also many schools and instructors who are willing to teach you how to climb. The best part about it is the view at the top of the climb which is simply amazing.

Check out the monkey festival.

For this, you have to schedule your holiday to be in the Month of November. Locals who live near the temple of Pra Prang Sam hold a festival for monkeys where they share a meal with the creatures. All kinds of sumptuous delicacies are laid out for the furry dinner guests because monkeys are a sign of good luck and should be treated with respect. Now that would be something to talk about for years and years to come.

 Have a spa day.

How about you just pamper yourself to the best spa treatment Thailand has to offer. Thai massages are something you most definitely experience because they combine full body stretches with pressure point massage.