Thailand is an amazing country to visit with beautiful coastlines and beaches. If you’re looking for a holiday destination, then this is definitely one place you should consider. There are so many interesting facts about Thailand and we will explore some of them below.

Thailand has never been under European power.

Thailand or Prathet Thai means ‘land of the free.’  This is the only country in Southeast Asia that the Europeans did not colonize.

Home of the first famous Siamese twins and Siamese cats.

 The first reported case of Siamese twins was in Thailand. Born in 1811, Chang and Eng Bunker were conjoined twins who led full lives, each marrying their own wives and going on to bear more than ten children each. Their wives were actually sisters and initially shared homes but due to quarrels, had to get separate households. The twins, therefore, came up with a system where they would spend 3 nights in each home. They died in 1874.

 Thailand is also the home of Siamese cats. The ancient Thai books describe at least 23 types of Siamese cats.  It was the tradition to present a bride with Siamese cats on her wedding day because they were thought to bring good luck to the home.

 Monkey festivals.

Monkeys are important in Thailand and in the month of November, an annual festival is held at the temple of Pra Prang Sam where locals share a meal with monkeys. The monkeys get to eat all kinds of delicacies including ice cream, sausages among others. The citizens believe that monkeys are good luck and if you treat them with respect, good luck will follow.  Good luck definitely seems to follow because this has become an annual tourist attraction bringing in a lot of revenue to the locals.

The Phuket vegetarian festival.

 Despite the seemingly innocuous name, the festival is actually a purification festival held in October, where people self mutilate with the purpose of cleansing themselves. They will use objects to pierce their bodies and walk around in trance like states, walk over hot charcoal and abstain from eating meat during the lunar month.  The locals hope that by doing this, they will get peace of mind and good health.

You cannot touch anyone in the head.

 Do not touch anyone at the head because this is the most important part of the human body. Even the old cannot touch people’s heads although younger people lower their heads as a sign of respect when they are talking or approaching older people. The feet, however, should not be seen when you are sitting and should never point out at a person of status or even at the statues in the temple.

 Home to Redbull energy drink.

We all know how refreshing Redbull is especially when you are feeling low on energy levels. But did you know that the drink has its origin in Thailand? The original drink was known as Krating Daeng but an Austrian entrepreneur undertook it through some modification to give it its present taste.